Goodbye, Will

Yet another among us departs Chicago, for distant shores. Will begins his road trip and move out to Washington DC tomorrow, and a bunch of us gathered at Zen Noodles for a final farewell meal.

The past few months, Will’s had quite the series of adventures. He’s currently doing work for a company, helping to both produce and edit movies/documentarie. He was in the Dominican Republic for this work a while back, and has tentative plans to return in December.

Justin and Allison, doodling away.

After dinner, we relocated over to Pint – and found an entire second part of the bar that I never knew existed. On the main side it was fairly noisy, but in the secondary room… it felt like we were in someone’s study. We had the whole room to ourselves, and pulled a few couches together into a big U.

Above, Liz, Julie and Lindsey checking out what appears to be a hidden door in the wall.

On one of the high shelves above where we were sitting, there was a large bread box. After a look at it, Will decided we needed to place some kind of “prize” in there, as we were all disappointed to find nothing, when we opened it.

Having nothing of worth on us at the time, we decided to use a nearby bottle of French’s mustard, along with a note. It’s hard to read, but the note offers the finder a free beer, redeemable at the counter (and we signed it “Pint Management.” Maybe someone finds it, maybe not. Hell, maybe the next time Will’s in town, we go back here to see if someone else has left US a note in its place.

Like a time capsule. But… different. And with more mustard.

In case you ever decide to have a scavenger hunt in Chicago, well, at least you know of one fun item you can add to your list.

Farewell, Will – visit soon. Though you’re gone, we’ll always have our memories of the Fox River.

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