Waterballon War

OK. By far one of the highlights of today, for me, was the neighborhood water balloon fight. I guess this is a newer tradition that’s started to take hold, where two sides of the street go water balloon crazy.

Mostly, I think it’s the volunteers who participate in this. That, and the neighborhood kids. There were a CRAPTON of water balloons, and I use the word “war” in its full descriptive power.

// Edit: Got a msg from Liz, and it turns out that there are no volunteers in the fight. According to her: “Those are yellow shirts that the “south side” made especially for that day. And it’s basically family on the south side, vs. the one woman on the north side (which has all the neighborhood kids and some of her friends).”

South Side team: mostly yellow shirts and volunteers.

North Side team: mostly kids and anyone else who wanted to join in.


And in case you were worried: as soon as the fighting ended, folks started picking up all the pieces.

This was an awesome end to the parade. So incredibly cool, and so much fun to watch. It went on for the longest time, and I shudder to think how many water balloons were made and used today.

After the fight, I made my way back to Liz’s parents’ house. There, I sort of bummed around for a bit. I ended up taking a big long nap, and woke up a little bit before dinnertime. The grill was fired up, burgers were made, and I got to hang out with just about everybody. Played a little 4-person Halo on the Xbox (and held my own, I’m proud to say). Talked a lot with some of Liz’s relatives that I haven’t met before.

The rest of the night, I just hung out and talked, laughed, listened to everyone else. I like Liz’s family a great deal, and always enjoy myself immensely whenever I’m in their company. Liz made a fantastic Tres Leches cake, which everyone devoured in short order. We all ate and drank and talked until about midnight.

Around then, Liz and I packed up our stuff and headed back into the city. One short drive later, and we were back before we knew it. I dropped Liz off and got into my place right around 1AM.

Today was a whirlwind of a day, but an incredibly satisfying one at that. While I got thrown into the thick of things, the energy of the day was envirgorating. I got to see and participate behind the scenes, and that was a cool thing to be able to do.

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  1. omg! that was so much fun! im in half of the pictures!(on north side of course) we do it evry year its so fun! this year(2008) we one! the north duh! its so fun with are family’s and other people. Go next year and watch it’s fun and funny to see at the end how many balloon’s there are!

    alicia Reply

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