Day Off

Spent most of today doing some studying, some coding. I woke up early and made my way to Filter, for some breakfast and people watching. I’ve been thinking a lot about that one day when I woke up early, and how I chose to go to Filter instead of going back to sleep.

Since I had the day off today, it felt like a good opportunity to just sit, sip some coffee, and watch the world go by.

I brought Moock’s “Actionscript 2.0” with me, and read for a good while. I’ve fallen behind on things, especially since AS 3.0 is out. I need to work in some study time into my daily routine; otherwise, I’ll get stuck doing the same things, over and over. I know there are better approaches out there, better code to be had. Studying to me has been akin to exercising: something I know I should do, but never get around to.

At home, I worked on my own projects for the remainder of the day. Good progress, although I ran into some walls. I was doing mostly Applescript and, not knowing the language well at all, got frustrated at several turns.

After Liz got off of work, we met at a local Borders bookstore. We did some browsing around, and I ended up getting a pretty good reference book on Applescript. Today’s a day of learning, I guess.

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