Such Great Depths

Today, I found out from Ryan Manno how one takes the service elevator down to the lower basement. The elevator at my work place is primarily for people to get down to the loading docks. For those who have key fabs, you can access the second floor (where the elevator opens directly into the Q101/Loop offices.

Turns out, you just have to jimmy one of the key switches on the elevator. Ryan showed me how his key worked, and later in the day… I tried giving it a go with one of mine. Sadly, I had no success – but Bryan had a key that worked.

And off we went…

At the lower basement level, there wasn’t all that much to see. The doors opened up to a smallish storage area, with a ton of signs and supplies.

Justin and Bryan, poking around.

Despite the daunting key lock on the elevator button (thankfully we didn’t get stuck down here), we were able to get back on the elevator.

We didn’t really stay all that long, and didn’t wander too far. Rumor has it there are some seriously deep lower levels in this building, but none of us know how to even get down there. Maybe another trek down here is in order, and we can do some more exploring.

So as of now, I’ve been pretty high up in this building. And now, pretty low. Structurally, the Mart is a monster. I should really go exploring around this place more often.

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