Scooter Repair, Plan B

After looking over the work required to get her scooter back up and running, Liz found out that there was more wiring/electrical work that needed to be done. The type of work that she didn’t know how to do.

So – she looked around, and found a guy via Craigslist that repaired scooters. Turns out, he lives like less than a block away from me (where the scooters are stored).

After a brief bit of pushing and handling, we got both scooters up the stairs (with a lot less effort than I thought would be necessar). These Vinos are markedly less in weight than her Vespa.

A block down the way, we find the garage in an alley off Wood. We drop off both scooters for Chad to look at, and we meet his friend Wayne. Talking over things with Chad… it looks like the scooter should be ready in about a week. Wow!

And guess who might get to use this repaired scooter? :D

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