Today marks the official soft launch of our division’s website. This has been the project that Chris and I have been working at, for some time now. It’s not quite ready for public viewing yet, but we did an internal launch today.

Chris and I were both headed out around noon (we were taking a half day off, since we were working a good deal into the evening last night). Next thing we know, a group has gathered and rounds are offered. And so of course, we go to Shamrock.

Ahh, Shamrock. The best place to get a drink after working a lot.

Also, home to a damn good ribeye steak sandwich. When working late and all the stores close inside the Mart (McDonald’s and Potbelly’s shut their doors at 7PM), Shamrock is also the place to go to get a quick sandwich.

Below, I’ve included a video I took with my camera. Since we didn’t have an actual lazy susan, I just rotated my camera while balancing it on a napkin dispenser.

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