The Vino Rides Again!

Today… today has been a long time in the making.

The backstory: Liz’s first scooter was a Vino, which ended up getting stolen. After that scooter got lifted, she bought herself a Vespa. A month later, the police recovered the Vino and it was pretty much still intact, albeit missing a few key components (ignition switch, headlight, etc).

A few months back, Jake’s scooter (also a Vino) craps out on him. Liz decided to buy his scooter for parts, and meant to do the repairs herself.

Both scooters then got stored on my porch for a little while.

A week or so back, Liz decided against trying some of the more complicated electrical work… and found a local mechanic (Chad) who could fix the Vino.

And today? I got to take the guy for a spin.

Definitely not as powerful as the Vespa, but fun nonetheless. I’m amazed at how light this thing is, in comparison to the Vespa. The scooter seemingly weighs nothing at all, and though it doesn’t have nearly as much zip… is really super light.

Snapped a quick pick of Liz, riding down Division.

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