Mr. Twiggles

This is a pretty insular joke, but my coworkers have named Chris’ beard “Mr. Twiggles.” A while ago, Chris decided to just let his beard grow and grow for the winter. Soon after that, Matt set up a poll (using one of the polling apps we built for the radio stations) to let everyone pick a name for Chris’ beard.

Among the other possible names were such gems as “The Chili Mitt,” “Powder Puff” and “Art Garfunkel.” In hindsight, I should have pushed harder for my favorite that never made the list: Chafe of Staff.

Today, Justin and Ben brought in some Mr. Potatohead accessories, to see if Chris could manage to hang them off of Mr. Twiggles. Unfortunately, he had just trimmed things up some… and the inserting of things into said beard wasn’t all that effective.

That is, until we made him lie down on the couch.

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