Liz’s Books

Liz has been doing book stuff the past two days, and been working up a storm. I got to see a few of her more recent creations, and wound up asking her to put out all the books she’s made so far, so I could photograph them.

Here’s a glimpse at what she’s done so far. The accordion-style book in the back there is a recent add.

These books are a big combination of different papers and content. She’s put all of them together herself, with the only exception being the insides of the books; some of the inside paper was hadmand, others were pre-made items like address books, wine journals, etc.

Here’s the guy that Liz has been working on, and took her about two days to complete. I’m not sure exactly what the proper term is for this type of binding…. caterpillar? Something like that.

I got an IM from her at work today, which pretty much amounted to “My arm hurts.” I wasn’t sure how she could have hurt herself while making books, but when I saw this guy… it made sense.

This shot is a little washed out, but you can get a better sense of how the pages are bound together. I remember Liz showing me some photos of this type of binding in one of her books/manuals, and how excited she got about it. She’s been going through a lot of books, step by step, chapter by chapter… but I think this binding made her too excited, and so she skipped ahead and just up and did it. :)

This, I thought, was pretty cool – the way the binding crosses the spine, and winds into each area. This really must have taken a long time to do.

Aerial shot.

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