Christmas Tree Decoration

A few days ago, Liz and I got a Christmas tree together. Tonight, with her roommate Lisa, we loaded up on wine, gingerbread and eggnog… and settled in for a night of decorating.

Lisa and Liz, getting the stand ready.


A little wine, some gingerbread. The Beam was supposed to be for the eggnog, but we never ended up using it.

Liz, going through one of her X-Mas boxes. Perhaps you’ve noticed how good she is at packing and storing things?


But first – the lights.

This photo was a bit of an accident, but the more I look at it… the more I like it.

Merry beverages.

The decorating continues. The whole time, we were listening to Sufjan Stephens’ Christmas albums (streamed online).

Guess who got one of his presents early? Liz, apparently, found some German tree ornament that had “crazy hair” (her words) and a camera… and so of course she thought of me. And got it for me.

Cute little guy.

Taking a step back, taking it all in.

And on top…

There were some additional ornaments that didn’t make the tree, but ended up on the coffee table instead.

After the tree decorations, I tried to get a few shots of Liz and Baxter together. I took a TON of photos, and just couldn’t seem to get things to work out well. Either the flash washed everything out, or something ended up blurry.

I got a few that I like, but it was tough to even get these.

The low ground shots turned out better (due, I think, to the fact that I had the camera supported well).

Crazy zoom!

This is one of my favorites. :)

Happy Holidays!

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