Early Christmas, Kansas City

Spent the weekend with Liz’s family in Kansas City, hanging out at her dad’s place and having a bit of an early Christmas together. I didn’t end up taking too many photos, as I spent most of my time just relaxing, hanging out, and enjoying everyone’s company.

A very laid-back weekend overall, and really quite fun and low key. After the past few months in Chicago, this weekend was a marked break (and a welcome one) from what semeed to be a somewhat nonstop schedule. It definitely feels like the holidays now.

Isabelle, looking out at the neighborhood boys playing catch football.

Napoleon, conquerer of nations.

Evening sky, 5PM.

Isabelle (Liz’s step-sister) and Paige (Liz’s niece), holding hands.

What was that sound?

Oh, nevermind.

Lights almost out.


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