Check, Check

I bought a microphone (Sony ECMMS907) to go along with the minidisc player that Liz gave to me (gotta love Amazon Prime and next day shipping). Thanks to Chelsea and Hillary, who both helped me with my “what mic should I get” questions.

While I didn’t go with anything near as fancy as Hillary’s gear, I tried out this mic briefly… and I’m amazed at what it picks up! This mic was Chelsea’s recommendation, and according to her it’s what they use in the field at WLUW.

On playing with this guy at work, Chris saw it and yelled out “I love this mic!” Apparently, this was his mic when he was doing audio/video stuff in college. I think I made a good purchase here.

Of course, this is for the new poetry project I’ll be working on. Can’t wait to fiddle with this thing some more and get a few recordings down.

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