Darryl’s Birthday

After work today, Liz and I hopped in my car and headed out to Indiana (to Katie and Dan’s house), where a bunch of her family were gathering to celebrate Darryl’s birthday. After battling the regular outbound Friday traffic, we arrived after about an hour of traffic or so.

On walking in, the first thing I see is Dan’s *monstrous* flatscreen television. And before that sheer massiveness of the screen is able to set in, I see from the screen that he’s got… oh yes, a Nintendo Wii.

*insert schoolgirl-esque squealing here*

The picture (above) is poor, but it gives you a good sense of how big the TV is. Yeah. It’s badass.

And it looks like Dan and Cameron went ahead and created Mii’s for both Liz and I.

Liz, handling the remote control for all the devices. The remote is as big as her face!

After dinner, Liz, Cameron and I played around with one of those pin/imprint guys, that lets you make 3-dimensional copies of things. Of course, we mostly tried to smash our faces into the thing. Of course.

I’m seeing double here! Four Lizes!

My tongue didn’t quite show up.

Fast forward a few more faces, and Cameron’s showing us this rather cool hide/seek toy he has. It’s a Pirates of the Carribean treasure chest that splits in to two pieces: one is the “treasure” box, with its own signal… and the other is the “map,” that detects how close you are to the treasure. Pretty nifty.

We played several rounds of this, which was quite fun.

Darryl, making a wish. He got two cakes: one pineapple upside down, one marble. Every chipped in to get him a pair of Bulls tickets, which he loved – sports enthusiast that he is.

Savannah and Bob, taking a little post-dinner nap.

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