Note to Us

Liz and I dug out my car this evening, which had been sitting under a good pile of snow for the past few days.

She and I are both very stubborn, and we both tend to believe in the rightness of our own points of view. This, I’ve learned, tends to cause a bit of stress. We’ve gone through a few instances like this before, and while in the car later on… I mentioned that we should be on the lookout, for future points where we butt heads.

Basically, I think the forumla is: any multi-step task that requires collaboration. We both like to take charge of things, and we both believe our way is right. Nothing wrong with that – but it gets tricky when we tackle something together.

After the car got unstuck (we had the help of a random stranger named Victor, who happened by and helped give a push), things were a bit stressful. But I think a good sign for us is that it didn’t totally mar the entire evening. We talked things through, and were back to our old selves by the time we sat down for dinner.

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