Well, car trouble continues.

Liz borrowed my car today to drive down to Frankfort. However, on the way there – the thing just up and gave out. She was driving along and the gas wouldn’t do anything, and she had to pull over to the right shoulder. On turning the key, all the electrical was fine – the car just wouldn’t move or budge, or make a sound.

After a lot of phone calls, I ended up borrowing Justin’s car, to drive and pick Liz up. But get this: after we dug Justin’s car out? I tried to hit the wipers, and it wiped once… and then stopped.

Bad car karma.

So – I made the trip there and back with no wipers, which wasn’t terrible – but wasn’t exactly stress-free either. A short while later, we were back in the city, back at the start of things.

My car was towed to a mechanic that Liz knows and trusts in Frankfort. So – I guess we’ll see what the damage is, next week. If it’s a significant amount to repair the car, I may just be better of buying a new car.

Good thing we recently went to the Auto Show. Sheesh.

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