So close…

The new blog is close. So close. I can almost launch it, if not for the fact that I can’t get the 4%^&@$%&#% thing to rebuild. Argh.

I’ve been testing things out on a small number of entries (I uploaded all of 2007), and was able to “rebuild” the site, each time I made a change to the templates or underlying code.

However – now? I’ve imported all of my entries. Every single one, since July 2002. All told that was around 1,500 text files and roughly 5,000 total entries. And now, whenever I try to “rebuild” the site… it hangs on me, and it won’t do it.

This has been like travelling through the woods, over a mountain range, arriving home finally only to find that you can’t quite get the door open. Immensely frustrating.

So – sometime soon, I hope. Another entirely new blog is around the corner. It’s now just a matter of getting to that corner.

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