Sushi Cake Surprise

Ok. First, a little backstory.

Rey’s birthday was yesterday. But he’s been out of town for the Manager’s Meeting, and while we expected him in the office yesterday… he didn’t make it in unti today.

Last year, we got him a surprise ice cream cake. This year, we decided to mix things up a bit… and get him a surprise Sushi Cake.

Allison was the one who really took things into her own hands. Here’s a quick shot of the tools she started with.

And here’s the freaking schematic she drew up, to get a visual for what she had in mind.

After talking with the folks as Naniwa (who weren’t really sure what she was asking, and kept showing her some “desert” items), Allison decided the best course of action was to make the cake ourselves.

And so we ordered a big bunch of rolls, snuck off to the kitchen, and set to work.

Setting up the perimeter.

Because we couldn’t really buy enough sushi to fill out the cake in total, we paded the inside some with sticky rice.

Layer two.

Top tier. Things are starting to get a little wobbly.

Allison’s cake decorating kit. Now – keep in mind that she didn’t purchase this for the occassion. She had this already.

Ben artfully placing the pickled ginger along the border.

Allison and Jane stuffing wasabi into the frosting thingy.

Allison, writing out the birthday message in Wasabi.

I have to say… and I don’t say this often: that’s gotta be the best looking sushi cake I’ve ever seen.

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