Lunch with Liz

Over IM today, Liz asked if I wanted to grab a quick lunch outside. The day was quite warm, and we were up in the 60’s I think – a tantilizing first glimpses of spring. I said yes, and hopped onto the Brown Line to meet her at the fountain area, next to the Art Institute.

I show up and what do I see? Liz, getting her portrait taken.

Apparently, she had just pulled up and two students were nearby, taking pictures. They remarked how they liked her scooter, and wanted a photo. After she said “sure,” she got off… and they asked to take the picture with her still sitting on it.

Guess everyone likes the Vino.

Grabbing a sneaky shot of Liz while she isn’t paying attention…

The fountain was off for the winter, and so I decided to hop over the edge and try to get a few shots along its floor.

Against all logic, it felt like someone was watching me with their hand on some giant lever. At every moment, I felt lke the water would kick in and I’d be caught in the middle, trapped underneath a huge shower.

I think… I’ve watched too many cartoons.

A little self-portrait. Which we apparently like to do when we’re here.

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  1. That last one is one of the cutest pictures I’ve ever seen, and being dad to the world’s cutest infant daughter, I’ve seen quite a few. And thanks for converting to MT so I could say that publically.

    Alex Reply

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