Tricia, Darryl and Paige

Liz, who I discovered has a wide assortment of Easter-related props and decorations.

Sadly, we both realized that by letting the eggs dry on the table overnight… they were essentially inedible. We contempalted actually eating some, but after looking around online, it looks as though hard-boiled eggs only last a few hours, unrefrigerated.

In looking around I learned a few things. When eggs are laid, they have a protective coating around them. Eggshells are actually quite porous, with something like 11,000 – 13,000 pores each. This coating helps prevent things like bacteria from entering.

When eggs are washed and cleaned commercially (placed into cartons), this process removes the protective coating. An additional layer is added in the process, to replace the coating.

Once eggs are boiled, the protective coating is again removed. Apparently, a hard-boiled egg is just as bad, if not worse, than a raw egg, unrefrigerated.

A few links here and here.

Who knew? I thought hard-boiled eggs would be perfectly fine for like a day or so. But… better safe than sorry. While we didn’t end up eating them… we put them to good use, as part of the table decorations.

Today, Liz’s sister Tricia, her husband Darryl, and their baby Paige came to visit. We had a little field trip planned for the Garfield Park Conservatory, followed by a nice dinner at Liz’s apartment.

Family portrait. Everyone was posing for Liz, and I grabbed this just a moment after.

Aww… look at the pretty OW! It’s protecting itself somehow!

Paige, posing in a field of flowers.

We were excited to show them the main atrium area, but sadly… discovered that they had drained all the water.

Random closeup that I thought looked neat.

After dinner (Liz made this great coconut chicken curry, with cous cous), we all hung out for a while and chatter on the couch. One of the shining moments of the whole day happened when Paige started to talk a little bit. She got super excited, extremely animated, and tried to tell us all the exciting things she was thinking about… without the benefit of actual speech.

You can tell when I’m laughing, as the camera shakes a bit. Too cute!

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  1. Wow that’s a pudgy baby! Makes me worry that we’re not feeding Johanna enough.

    Alex G. Reply

  2. I just showed this to Johanna and I think she wants to be Paige’s friend! She squealed and smiled….

    Alex G. Reply

  3. Hey Alex… Paige is really pudgy, she even has love handles. She just really likes to eat. I think she’s 5 months and just shy of 20 lbs. (she is tall though too just like her dad.) :)

    liz Reply

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