This is a terible picture, but it’s the best I could get. We found out today that Matt’s plant has spider mites – tiny little guys that weave tiny little webs. Apparently, if left untreated, they could end up destroying the plant.

He had something similar with plants at home, and bought a ton of ladybugs a month or so back, to combat the problem. What this means is… we’ll likely have a bunch of ladybugs flying around the office pretty soon here.

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  1. those things are bastards.ladybugs didn’t work for my bonsai, I had to spray the thing with several different types of detergent and insecticide. In the end the bonsai died anyway (combination of that, and my junior designer not watering it while I was on vacation).

    Liam Reply

  2. Yeah, tell Matt to be careful about the ladybug purchase. A lot of people started using ladybugs as a “natural” pesticide, but the stores were selling ladybugs that originated in Asia. Here, they have no natural predators. Thus you could have ladybug insanity on your hands pretty quickly. Also, these varieties of ladybugs can bite. It’s not serious, but it is unpleasant.The kind you definitely don’t want are described here:

    Juliet Reply

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