Moving to Logan Square

Move day is here! I got a ton of folks who agreed to help me with my move, as I’m of the “more people means less time” camp. Prior to today, I threw out a ton of stuff (I’m still amazed at all the crap I kept lying around).

Liz has been invaluable with her help, these past few days. More than invaluable. Without her helping me, I don’t know where I’d be.

For most of the day, I was… well, moving stuff. I picked up the camera at a few moments in between, trying to grab a photo or two. But I didn’t do a very good job documenting – these are more quick snapshots, in between boxes.

Allison, moving boxes out the back to the alley.

Liz, Allison and Chris, taking a break.

Gretchen, unloading the van at the new place.

Allison and Dave, moving things into the new apartment.

The crap begins to pile up…

Dave and Chris.

Note: The song in the movie is by Lil’ Rev, entitled “Blowin’ a Kiss to Sonny.” I snagged it without permission, but it just seemed too fitting. If you like the track, swing by his site (and see when I first came across his songs).

The move itself was, for me, a new personal best. Two hours, start to finish. It was fast, it was just boom boom boom. All in all, everything went as well as one could hope.

After the move, Gretchen and Rob mentioned an estate sale they had visited, earlier in the morning. Curious to see what was there, we all headed over to take a peek.

View from the street.

Lots of stuff strewn about. For the most part, we figured that much of the good stuff had been claimed already, since it was about 1PM.

On seeing this table, Liz started to get excited. She was debating asking for a price when one of the guys who (sorta) ran the sale came by, and noticed her interest. Chris, to his credit, blurted out “I’ll give you $30” and the guy responded with “Sold!” In fact, he said that we started too high, and should have started at $20.

Me? I was balking and reluctant to take the table. At that point, I didn’t want to lift anything else. The amazing price didn’t register, and I kept dragging my feet. Eventually, after much prodding from everyone, I decided that the table would be a good idea.

And lucky for us, too. Liz knew right away how much of a steal this was. When one of the “real” people running the sale showed up, they were aghast. They agreed to sell the table for $30 since that was what we were quoted, but the woman’s words were “For anyone else, it’s at least $100.”

Rob, handy smart man that he is, determines we can break down the table for easier transport.

Table leg detail.

After EVERYTHING had been moved, we all headed out to a well-deserved lunch. Allison and Gretchen went their own ways, but Chris, Dave, Rob, Liz and I headed over to Hot Doug’s for some greasy, indulgent encased meats.

The weekend lines are baaaaad. Took us about 30 minutes, just to get in the front door.

Ahh, Hot Doug’s. As good as I remember.


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