My Cat Harmony Needs a New Home

Original email, sent April 4, 2007

This is not a very easy email to write.

My cat Harmony has been with me for some 13+ years now. She’s been a part of my life since I was a mere undergrad at Indiana University, and has stuck with me over the course of three cities, three states, and five different apartments. After all those years and all those miles, I’ve faced with the very difficult and very sad task of parting ways, and finding her a new home.

Come May 1st, Liz and I are planning on moving in to a new apartment together. While I’m incredibly excited about this next stage for the two of us, one of the tough decisions we had to make concerns Harmony, and Liz’s allergies. Those allergies (and they’re very strong ones) prevent us from sharing our apartment with Harmony.

Right now, if I pet Harmony… and an hour later, I touch Liz’s face? Her face breaks out.

Yeah. It’s *that* bad.

We’ve tried a variety of approaches, ranging from prolonged exposure to changing some of Liz’s existing allergy medication. One of the last attempts we made involved her switching to a new allergist and undergoing Immunotherapy, in the hopes that it might lessen her symptoms. Her allergist was a bit worried at her reactions (he didn’t want the treatment to cause her asthma to flare up), and they ended up diluting the shots at each subsequent visit. After a few weeks we came to the determination that the allergy shots wouldn’t work.

The Immunotherapy was, unfortunately, our last option.

It’s with a heavy heart that I’m sending out this email, asking friends and family to help me provide Harmony with a good, new home. This is an incredibly tough decision for me to make, parting ways with someone who’s been a part of my life for so long. Understandably, I don’t want just anybody to take my cat.I would feel markedly better knowing that Harmony is going to be in good hands, in a good home, living with someone I know and trust.

If you’re even partially considering taking Harmony (or know someone who might), PLEASE CONSIDER THIS: I’m willing to pay for her annual vet bills, and for anything else that might come up. I’m also willing to travel, if you’re outside of Chicago.

Live in California? New York? I will fly out and bring her to your doorstep, if you’re willing to open your door. I am absolutely serious about this.

I’m looking for someone who will give Harmony a good home, who will give her the love and attention she deserves. I will help out financially,with her health care and with travel expenses, to make this happen.

If you’re able to provide a home for her (or know someone who does), please don’t hesitate to contact me. And by all means, please forward this to anyone who you think might be interested.

A bit of info about Harma: She’s an older cat of 14 years, fixed, and up to date on her shots. She’s got a dark coat of jet-black fur, with the tiniest triangular patch of white, just under her neck.She’s an independent cat, but is quite affectionate and loves attention.While she was an outdoor cat for much of her early life (she’s still got her claws), she’s been a totally indoor cat for the past 9 years.

She’s also what’s called a polydactyl (she’s got six claws on each paw, front and back). My vet said to include this bit of info, as there are some folks out there who find this sort of thing “exotic,” so to speak.

I love my cat very much. And while it pains me to part ways with her, I want to do everything I can to find her a new home where she’ll be well cared for, and well loved. If you can provide that home, or know of someone you trust who can, I can only say: Please. Pretty Please. Let me know.


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