Paige’s Dedication Ceremony, Bethel Church

Today Liz and I went to church service with her family, to attend Paige’s dedication ceremony.

We trekked out to Crown Point, IN to Bethel Church.

It’s been many years since I’ve been to a church service, and this one had a much more modern, younger feel to things. There was a good energy about the place, and everyone I met and spoke to was very friendly.

Interesting sidenote: as I was standing around, a churchmember saw me and began introducing herself. We chatted a bit, and our talk turned to work. What did I do for a living, she asked. And when I told her I work with computers and web pages, she exclaimed “I knew it!”

I dunno. Guess something about me screams computer nerd. :)

After the dedication, we all went back to Tricia and Darryl’s place for some lunch. I got to meet more of Darryl’s family, and had a blast talking to his brothers (Chris and Brandon). We chatted about all manner of topics, with all of us sharing stories, websites and youtube videos.

We had a fantastic lunch (we always eat well, when it comes to Liz’s family), and Liz made the tres leches cake that she made for my birthday (mmmmmm). The hours just flew by – good food, good folks, good conversations.

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