Stunt Rock Movie Screening

Almost a year in the making, our copy of “Stunt Rock” was finally put to use today. I can’t believe it’s been about 10 months since we first had the notion to watch this film in its entirety. At long last.

Hm. Looks like they pulled down the video from YouTube. If you want a taste, check this out.

Basically, the synopsis is this: it’s a 1970’s film that combines the music of a group called “Sorcery” with… you guessed it, stunts. There are several scenes of Merlin on stage, in full wizard regalia, throwing balls of flame around.

This shit is gold.

Some snacks laid out at Chris and Leslie’s place, for the screening. I brought along some Coke and Pop Rocks; Liz brought along some of her delicious banana bread.

Justin, who’s back in town, stopped over with Chris C. Here’s a quick snapshot of folks milling about outside, prior to the show.

I bet that, if they looked down, they could probably still find some candy.

The (borrowed work) projector – in all its glory. All movies should be viewed this way.

Chris, serving up some of his ribs (which were absolutely FANTASTIC btw).

Jane had earlier suggested that we have some kind of silly drink, to go along with the film screening. “You know, like Singapore Slings or something.” Chris then asked why Jane had to go all racial and started a mock fight… which ended up in her coming up with the most non-race-based drink ever: The Idaho Express.

Apparently, it’s just potato vodka and Squirt. With a bit of lime.

Sadly, Liz and I were in the midst of packing up her stuff… so we declined. There was more packing for us, after the show.

It’s dark, but the picture should give you a sense of what the room was like. It felt very after-school-ish, in a good way. I love the fact that my coworkers all enjoy one another’s company enough to hang out, outside of work. I think that says a lot about us.

Well, it could also say that we all love crappy movies too, I guess.

Long and short of it is that Stunt Rock is a terrible, terrible movie. It’s so bad, there were moments I was at a loss for words to mock it. At several points in the film, I looked over at Chris, and he expressed the same “struck dumb” syndrome.

Horrible acting. A guy wearing a face mask for… some reason, who speaks in a chipmunk-like voice… for some reason. Merlin fighting with Satan, and both of them hypnotizing one another at various points. All of this set to some pretty bad 70’s metal.

I took a few videos during the show, but nothing really does this “film” justice. You’ll just have to get your own copy and see what I’m talking about. If you’re really nice to Ben, maybe he’ll let you borrow the DVD.

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  1. I’m sure you airheads think you know something about movies. You don’t.This was made in 1977 and back then stage shows were becoming morea part of bands live stage shows. These guys headlined over Van Halen and the Dick Clark people liked them enough to put them on,not one but two 90 minute specials. But you know better.We have seen countless movies and there are millions far worse than this! Tell you what,when you do something that last 30 years and still has interest in it,or get some talent of your own,we’ll review it,edit your comments and then shit on for ya too!

    D. Clark Reply

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