The Vino Rides Again, Again!

Liz has been getting her scooters fixed, and just yesterday… she got a call from Chad (her repair guy). He’s been working on getting the Black Vino set up, and we stopped over to pick it up last night.

So… if I do the math right… and carry the one… this means we each get our own scooter. Heh. :)

This morning, Liz took the Red Vino (her original) and I got to ride the Black (formerly Jake’s Vino). It was pretty fun, riding side by side down Milwaukee together.

I’m not yet sure I’m the type of guy who rides around on a scooter, place to place. But having ridden one a fair amount now… there’s no better way to get around the city. It’s fast, convenient, and parking is never much of a problem.

This is a markedly better way to get to work, versus trudging along through CTA slowzones. I’m actually excited about my commute in to work now!

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  1. huzzah! Great looking scooters.How does insurance work out on those? Pretty reasonable?

    Liam Strain Reply

  2. The insurance is all in Liz’s name. She was paying 30 a month for the Vespa and 1 Vino. Currently, she pays 40-45 for the Vespa and 2 Vino’s. I believe that price also includes having added me to the insurance.According to Liz, insurance is expensive at first… but after proving that you’re a safe driver, it goes down. She’s saying to expect around 40-50 a month initially, but it should lessen after a year.Also to keep in mind: the Vespa is probably somewhere like 4x the value of the Vino’s.

    avoision Reply

  3. cute!! so what’s the deal with having the seat up while they are parked?

    madonna Reply

  4. Hi Madonna – the seats were up only because we were getting ready to take a ride. Normally, the scooter seats stay down.

    avoision Reply

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