Lisa, Jake and Tus

Tonight, Jake and Lisa swung by to hang out. Jake joined Liz and I for dinner, and Lisa showed up a bit later to drink some beer and catch up.

It’s crazy to think that we’ve only been here at this apartment (together) for a week. It definitely feels like so much longer than that.

Jake came back from South American with a friend: Tus (whose name means “Yours”). Hm. Can’t remember if there’s supposed to be an accent there, over the u.

At any rate, here’s Tus helping out in the kitchen… keeping the floor warm.

Jake, Tus and Liz. Poor Baxter was a bit freaked out all evening, although the two of them have met before in the past. For a while, Tus just sidled up to Baxter’s cage and just stared in at her. Off and on all evening, Baxter would stomp her cage in an attempt to scare Tus away. You can catch a small glimpse of Baxter in the video below.

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