An Afternoon in Lincoln Park

Liz and I took our scooters over to Lincoln Park for the afternoon. Alright, technically… they’re her scooters, and I just get to mooch. But I have to say, it’s pretty awesome, riding together. The trip over was pretty spectacular, as the sun was out, the sky was clear… and we were out and about.

First stop: the Lincoln Park Zoo. I didn’t take very many pictures today, as I’ve already taken a ton here before. So instead, I got to enjoy the zoo and just take everything in without documenting too much.

// Edit: Ah, see? This photo above is exactly like the one I took about a year ago. Yeesh.

I got one close-up, at a rather silly moment. The seal looks a bit like Snoopy here.

We wandered around the zoo awhile, and then headed over to Clark for some crepes for lunch. Liz knew of a place here that her and her dad had frequented: Icosium Kafe

Quick shot of the interior.

I had never really had crepes before, and always assumed they were more desserts than anything else. This afternoon, I was proven wrong – deliciously wrong.

I had the Greek Crepe with Turkey, which included cured olives, feta cheese, fresh Roma tomatoes, toasted almonds, fresh cilantro, roasted garlic and baby spinach.

Man oh man. I realized, in eating this, that I have a very high threshold for cilantro, apparently. They loaded this guy up to the gills with cilantro, and I was loving every bite.

After lunch, we wandered back over towards the Zoo to a nearby park/pond that Liz knew: the Lily Pool. It was a nice, secluded little area, adjacent to the zoo. Even though there were some major streets nearby, walking around inside made you feel pretty far away from the city.

I stopped at a small outcropping to take a few shots.

There were some lovely reflections, with the sun out all afternoon.

On the other side of the pond now, looking back at where I took the above two photos.

A small waterfall (with a few side pools), near the entrance.

On the way out, we happened to see this.

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  1. Since you enjoyed the crepe.. next time you are in Indy, head to broad ripple and go to Brugge. beer, great crepes (they have a duck breast and onion one that kicks my ass), good Mussels too.Well worth it for a nice lunch.

    Liam Strain Reply

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