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A ton of us (there are a ton of us now) gathered at Rey’s house for a birthday celebration / meeting. As we’ve grown, we no longer go out for each person’s birthday one by one (we used to), but rather celebrate birthday months in one big group.

We’ve also hired on a good number of new folks, and this was also a good chance for everyone to step outside the office, mingle a bit and relax with one another… and without computers.

Chris, going to set up some balloons at the front of the drive (it’s hard to spot Rey’s house, and more often than not… people shoot past the driveway).

Jane and Mike, playing a round of Bag-O. Mike calls it “Bag-O” because he doesn’t want to call the game by its real, actual name: Cornhole. When I asked what the problem was, for some reason all I got was a lot of snickers.

Other folks, playing with Ben’s Bocce Ball set.

In the kitchen, Deb ponders why nearly everyone on the design side carries a camera, and why both Jane and Allison are taking pictures of fruit. The answer: (macro fruit 1, macro fruit 2).

Rey, cooking up the ribs. These things were incredibly delicious. So much so that by the time I went back in for seconds (and I was among the first to go back), they plates were already picked clean.

Group shot. I’ve been remiss in getting some recent photos of our new hires on here. Gotta get on that.

Bryan, contemplating stealing Chris’s birthday hat.

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