The Grocer

The Grocer
has been doing some pretty fun stuff around town, pasting up original paintings of fruits and veggies. He’s even gotten a recent nod from Juxtapoz. Submissions are currently being accepted for new painting subjects, so if you’ve got a fav… send a note his way.

The cool thing to me is that there are two sets of photos: The Streets (which has nice detail and contextual shots) and The Lab (which shows a lot of the planning and progress).

To all the dumbass taggers out there who spend time scribbling on benches with permanent markers… look on this shit. And be ashamed.

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  1. hi felix,your name popped into my head today and i thought i’d see if i could find you in cyberspace. well, here you are! looking at your blog makes me miss chicago… >sigh

    ellen wu Reply

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