Gapers Block Get Together

Met up with the Gapers Block staff tonight, and hung out for a bit over drinks at the monthly GB get-together. The regular location (Black Rock) got overrun with softball players, so we all relocated to Xippo down the street.

I was a bit shy about whipping out the camera around strangers, and dragged it out towards the tail end of the evening.

I forget who this was, but someone showed up late to the gathering with an iPhone. Naturally, a bunch of us flocked over to gawk and take pictures.

And of course, pulled up the Gapers Block website.

Liz and I excused ourselves a bit early. Before leaving, I got a few buttons, some stickers, and a fourth anniversary poster.

I had a good time meeting folks, despite the fact that we didn’t stick around too long. I definitely felt like the new kid on the first day of school, but I got into some pretty fun and engaging conversations.

I chatted at length with Dave and Andrew about website ideas, and we were scheming ways to get our idea to appear on BoingBoing. We determined that whatever we created… so long as we had some kind of steampunk-Disney-Creative Commons tie-in, we would be golden.

A good deal of geeking out, with a bunch of creative folks. I’m not the most extroverted of people, so I struggled a bit with being chatty and conversational. But despite all that, I had some interesting discussions, and I’m looking forward to sticking around a bit more at the next gathering, next month.

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