Chris and Leslie: New Home, New Homeowners

Chris and Leslie moved today, from their apartment over to their brand new condo! They closed just last Friday, and this past month has been a whirlwind of paperwork and packing for the two of them.

Today though, was all about moving their stuff into their new place.

Leslie, giving the thumbs up. L to R it’s Mara, Leslie, Donna and Stephanie.

Over at the new place (still in Logan Square, but a bit more northwest from where they were before). The unpacking begins.

We packed things pretty full (but nowhere near as full as Liz and Steph’s truck).

Fancy new kitchen.

Living room – the photo is pretty muted, so the colors aren’t quite right.

Same goes for this photo. The “orange” office is a strong kick of color, and this photo doesn’t even come CLOSE to the actual color.

Fancy new bathroom. I think I spent a good two minutes turning the water on and off in that sink.

View from the back balcony. It’s a pretty spacious area back here, and pretty ideal for grilling and hanging out.

All in all, the move wasn’t too bad. Loading up the truck was a breeze, as we had about 7 or 8 people total, running things back and forth. The unloading was a bit tougher, as we had to go up three flights of stairs… but again, with everyone helping, the stuff disappeared from the truckbed pretty quickly.

After the move, Chris and Leslie took folks out for a nice lunch (and margaritas) over at El Cid, up the street.

L to R it’s Dave, Leslie, Allison, Donna and Chris.

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