Back in Indianapolis

Arriving in Indianapolis around 10PM, this was a surprising sight to see: a fifth of Johnny Walker Blue. While there’s not a specific age listed, rumor has it that it’s aged somewhere around 50-60 years. Shane had a bottle of it, and cracked it open for us to taste.

It was really good, but hard for me to say that it was great. I like the taste of Johnny Walker Red (which is sweeter) and Black (which is smokier). I was expecting the Blue to… I dunno. Hit me in the face or something. Instead, it was really smooth and really mild. I wonder if my taste buds are refined enough to appreciate something that’s been aging for half a century.

I got a bottle of Johnny Walker Green a year ago, and couldn’t really tell the difference. Although, at that party… I was slightly impaired, so my judgement was probably off.

I’m glad I got a chance to sample the Blue. It’s always been one of those mysterious things that I’ve been curious about. I wonder when I’ll see another bottle again.

Later on in the night, Jahnu came out to play for a little while.

Soon after that, everyone started nodding off. Jahnu fell back asleep, and Nesta and Pele drifted off as well.

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