Cookout at Shane and Stacey’s

Like the sun, it’s impossible to look away from the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest. What makes it better/worse is that Shane and Stacey have a HUGE amazing TV, and it makes all those hot dogs seem like they’re only a few feet away.

In the garage, Shane has… a few fireworks.

A few more fireworks. It’s hard to know which one is the better name: Invasion of Normandy or Evil Rules.

300 Shot Saturn Missile Battery.

A few roman candles.

A few more.

Jasmine’s house.

Liz is invited inside.

Everyone’s invited inside!

Shane, setting up the lawn stage for the fireworks.

Jasmine and my cousin Andrew.

Shane and Stacey had a bunch of their friends over, to celebrate the fourth. In addition to the cookout, we also did an impromptu (early) celebration of my sister’s birthday.

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