New Meeting Table

Now that we’re in a new office with a new sign, it’s time we got a new meeting table as well. This guy just got installed today, and it’s crazy slick.

I know those metal rectangles are for cords and outlets, but secretly… I’m hoping it’s some kind of bagel toaster.

CEO Madsen, about to stand up and walk around the room, talking about teamwork.

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  1. i’m scared shitless now. please, jane, never show up with a bat… PLEASE!

    ben Reply

  2. Hi Felix … remember me from the Mart? Well, I haven’t checked in on you for a while, and now I see this; my table! I worked with your boss on the details, and now it appears in your blog. Huh … I’m glad you like it. I might stop in to take some pics of it as the other reps around the country want to see it. I hope all is well otherwise.

    Rocky Levy Reply

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