A Day on Norfork Lake

We rolled in pretty late last night, and pretty much went straight to sleep. Some of James’ family (Lisa’s fiance) were also in town, so Liz, Jake and I all slept out on the enclosed patio.

When I opened my eyes in the morning, this is what I saw out the window. Gorgeous.

After a quick breakfast, we all went out for some fun on the dock. This is the waverunner – not quite a full on jetski, since you have to sit down. But crazy fun. I’m amazed how fast it goes over water.

Tus, not looking so happy, after being thrown in.

James’ family: his dad (in the water), his brother Peter, and his mum.

I should mention as an aside here that James was originally going to be here with us, but had to go back to England due to Visa problems. James and Lisa’s wedding is in about a week, and all sorts of terrible crazy problems cropped up regarding his Visa status. So he had to fly back abruptly to figure out a ton of paperwork and buearocracy.

Throughout the week, Lisa would geta calls from James regarding his status. After a lot of back and forth, and a lot of early morning phone calls… all’s well on the Visa front. While we didn’t end up seeing him, he arrived back in Chicago on our last day in Arkansas.

The family boat. It doesn’t look it, but it packs a good bit of speed. We all climbed aboard for a brief tour of Norfork Lake and for rides on… the Outlaw.

Up first: Lisa.

Liz held on admirably, and went for two rounds.

I took a spin as well, but the video is kind of dull. I didn’t get thrown off or anything… I just ended up letting go after a few minutes, because my swimtrunks started sliding off. Thankfully – no video of that.

Jake, who opted to hold on to the innertube itself, instead of the handles.

Tus, worried the whole time.

Peter (Lisa’s dad), doing his best to put Jake through the ringer… and to knock him off the innertube.

After a few rounds, we went over to a nearby cove and dropped anchor. We then just paddled around for a while, floating in the warm lake water.

Here, Liz is trying to entice Tus to jump back in.

Liz, Jake and Lisa.

Tus rides the outlaw, as Jake looks on.

Another shot of Tus… just because.

Random lizard on the side of the house.

All dry and changed, we went back to the dock to sink some beers and watch the sun set.

Jake and Tus.

The view from the dock was pretty incredible. I have a TON of sunset photos. Seriously – I’m only posting one or two of them, but it’s ridiculous how many I took. The photos don’t do it justice.

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