Down to Frankfort, Up the Ladder

Went down to visit Liz’s folks in Frankfort, and spent most of the evening there. Bob is working on the front porch, and I followed him around as he worked, watching him in his shop and up on the scaffolding. I’m typically not one for heights, but I shimmied up the ladder and stood on the (wobbly) planks that were stationed along the perimeter.

It was cool to watch Bob work, and the speed of the work allowed for me to ask a lot of questions. I keep telling Bob that I’d like to help out, as I know he has a ton of work to do on the house. So far though, the timing hasn’t worked out well to where I can actually do anything.

Today was meant to be a day where Liz and I would have been working, helping out… but it turned out they didn’t need any help. So maybe next weekend, when we go back, I can help lift or carry something. And, most likely, ask more questions.

A shot from the porch. The scaffolding we were standing on is on the other side of the porch, just behind the columns.

Summer greetings!

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