Peabe: BFF @ Rotofugi Gallery

Tonight Bryan had a group show over at Rotofugi, with a few other artist/friends of his.

As usual, Bryan and his friends draw a bunch of folks. It was pretty crowded at his last group show, and Rotofugi always tends to pull in a big crowd whenever they have events.

It was a bit crowded in the store itself, but I snapped this quick pic of Bryan, buying a few things.

Veggiesomething, signing characters from the House of Liu line.

I liked this guy. Maybe not for $95, but I liked him.

On seeing a bunch of these small characters, I couldn’t help but want to buy one or two. But I had this strange worry that, were I to actually purchase some? I’d be taking one step down a road that would likely lead me to buy another. And then another.

I didn’t take all that many photos of the store interior tonight, but if you want more of an idea of their wares… check out the pics I took at Bryan’s customized toy exhibit from last year.

Over next door, in the gallery area, Liz and I worked our way in to view the work. I ended up just sort of grabbing snapshots of each person’s set (each artist had three pieces).

Bryan’s pieces – great stuff as per usual. And hey hey! A nice collaborative piece with the Grocer, it looks like.

Revise CMW..

Ken Keirns.


Veggiesmomething. I was particularly fond of the “Destroy!” piece, and the yellow headshot in the top left.



Joey Potts.


Joey D. My very favorite piece of the whole evening is that guy on the left there. Totally fantastic.

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