On the Way to Work

Since moving to Logan Square, I haven’t really taken all that many photos on my morning walks to the train. Going down California, there’s not nearly as much to see (as opposed to walking down North Ave).

Well, wait. I just typed that in, and it feels untrue. I think, perhaps, I’m just not looking hard enough, as there’s always something to see.

I had my camera out a bit more today, and the reflection of the streetlight caught my eye. As you may have seen, I tend to take streetlight and reflection photos often, when walking to work.

I happened to be standing next to the doors on the ride in to work, when we slowed to a stop right next to this rooftop/chimney. I was able to quickly pull out my camera and snap this, before we started moving again.

More photos (many of which involve neither reflections nor streetlights) are in the photo gallery.

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