A Long Wait, a Big Surprise

It was Deb’s birthday at work today, and a rare occassion as she was actually in Chicago this week. A cake was purchased, and plans were made to surprise her in the conference room after lunch. However… there were some complications.

Mike was watching for Deb out the window, and the hope was to catch her as she walked in to the office. She came in through the back way instead, and made it to her desk without seeing us (all the while not noticing the fact that the lights were off everywhere, and that no one was at their desk).

Deb had a 3 o’clock interview with a potential hire, and we actually pulled her into the room with us, to hide. Ben and Rey had to work really hard to pull Deb out of her office, as it was exactly 3:00PM and she insisted on staying put to meet her interviewee.

Deb had just gotten back from the doctor’s, and was worried she might be down with something. So… she had Phil serve as her proxy, blowing out the candles for her.

Shortly after cake was served, Deb went ahead with her 3 o’clock appointment.

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