Goodbye, Lisa and James

Liz and I visited James and Lisa, over at their place downtown. Actually, it was Lisa’s parents’ place – the two of the were staying there for a month or so, before moving off to Maryland.

Tonight was one of their last nights in Chicago, and Liz and I went over to say our goodbyes, and to hang out one last time.

Weird building coincidence #1: the apartment was right next to Trump Tower, which I first saw when Gretchen came to visit me for my birthday.

Weird building coincidence #2: I think that tower in the background might have been the same tower that I saw, back when I spotted the helicopter on Wacker Drive.

The four of us hung out for a while, listening to music and chatting about all manner of things. We sipped on some wine, and ate a fantastic strawberry cream desert that Liz made.

Weird building coincidence #3: In the distance was the IBM building – the same building that I got to see during the great Twelvestone Chicago Boozification of 2003.

It was definitely an odd feeling, hanging out with James and Lisa for what would be, technically, the last time in a long time. Liz remarked that it hadn’t really sunk in yet, that the two of them were leaving, and moving away to a totally different state.

I guess we have yet another group of friends who have moved off to Maryland. All the more reason, I’m thinking, for a road trip out East.

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