Frankfort Fall Festival: Waterballoon War

One of my favorite parts of the entire festival happens at the conclusion of the parade: the Waterballoon War.

Apparently, this is an old rivalry between two houses on opposite sides of the street. The parade ends right at these houses, and each year kids from all over team up to huck balloons at one another.

Disregarding all thought for my personal safety, I ventured over to document the events. Try to keep in mind all the risks I take for you.

Actual tubs are brought out, on both sides, filled with ammo.

I love how, in almost every shot, there’s someone yelling or cowering. The entire event is sheer chaos.

This guy in the green kept making me smile – he was SO into the whole thing. Awesome!

Going after a stray…

Action shot, mid-throw.

Another action shot

As soon as the balloons stopped, volunteers were right there to help with the cleanup process.

After the war: Paige, being patriotic.

In case you missed it, check out the pics and videos from last year’s war.

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  1. Argh. That looks so fun to go to. Problem is that live in San Jose, CA, so going to Chicago is out of the question.Forwarding this to a friend of mine who lives there though.

    Yreka Reply

  2. It’s definitely a small town event, as far as the parade and festival parts go. But the waterballoon fight is by far my favorite part of the whole thing. The look of sheer happiness on all the participants’ faces is really something else.

    avoision Reply

  3. Since the waterballoon fight is your favorite part of the whole Fest, why don’t you help us fill some balloons? Because the only way you get to participate in the throwing of the balloons is if you help in the filling of the balloons! We (The Southside) start filling first thing Saturday morning and stop when we run out of balloons.

    Danny D. Reply

  4. I couldn’t make it down Saturday and besides… don’t make me choose sides here. :)Heading down to Frankfort shortly, and looking forward to volleys, from both sides!

    avoision Reply

  5. Here’s what I think…Northside won in 2010…4218 balloons. Northside rules.

    Anonymous Reply

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