Happy 1st Birthday, Paige!

Liz and I travelled to Indiana today, to help her niece Paige celebrate her first birthday. I met a lot of new folks, but ended up not taking a ton of pictures. Mostly, the ones I have all centered around her eating smearing her first cake.

Paige, cautiously exploring.

Grandpa Ford (Darryl’s father) gets a kiss.

Really, this is the only proper way to eat cake.

What is it about kids and cake that make them so amazingly cute?

Tricia, Darryl and Paige, opening presents.

Darryl’s brother Chris, playing a slight variation of Bag-O that involves some kind of goalie.

Lots of fun activities today. I played a bit of Bag-O with Dan, threw the football around some with John (Tricia and Darryl’s friend), and even played in a 3 on 3 game (two hand touch, with a first down equal to two completions).

Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I even touched a football. I never played many sports growing up; I took up tennis early in high school and got ok with it, but stopped pretty soon after I discovered cigarettes.

All in all, not having played much ball, I think I did alright. I tried to cover as well as I could, but I was the shortest guy out on the field. But hey – I did catch the ball once, so chalk it up in the win column.

Most of the other guys playing were, in my estimation, in better shape than me. But after a few downs, and with me finding myself breathing pretty heavily… I looked around, and saw everyone else doing pretty much the same. Which made me feel a bit better. Either I’m in better shape than I thought, or everyone else was in worse shape than I thought. Heh.

Happy 1st Birthday, Paige!

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