Felix vs. Phil: Pingmaster Tourney

The quest for the Pingmaster Trophy continued today, as Phil and I battled it out. He and I are both playing in the bottom tier of the bracket, with one loss apiece. Basically, loser of this match is out of the tourney.

To see how I got here, check out my quick match with Kashif.

Masha, one of our newest design hires, was kind enough to snap some shots. Here, I am apparently stricken with some kind of stomach pain, while Phil and I play with an invisible ball.

Mid-action shot.

End of the match, I won our set.

It should be noted though, that Phil actually went off and changed for our game, throwing on shorts, an appropriate ping pong t-shirt, and the “Performance” headband. I think we all know that he’s the real winner here.

I also can’t help but think of TS7’s great ping-pong story (check the comments on this page).

There are four players left in the tournament. Onward to glory!

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