The Grocer, Pilsen Art Walk

Another evening of events! Tonight, Justin and I headed down to Pilsen for the Pilsen Art Walk. I’d never been to Pilsen before, so this was a first for me.

We went to dinner at a place called Skylark. I had a pretty fantastic burger (splurging again), and really liked the interior of the place. Skylark, being primarily a bar, has some surprisingly great food.

Random shot of the table, playing around with the camera settings.

It’s a bit too dark to tell, but the feel of the place reminds me a lot of Columbus. The whole bar is one gigantic room, and it makes me think of a viking drinking hall. A big mixture of people inside, with a great vibe all around. Definitely coming back here.

Walking down Halsted, towards the galleries.

We met up with Dave at Skylark, and also met up with Emma and her friend Donna. It was exciting to see Emma again, after all these years – she looked great, of course, and we got to chat a bit en route to the show.

The Grocer had some work on display.

Dave and Ben, raising their glasses.

Folks checking out the work.

Can’t remember the name of the artist at the moment, but I liked this piece by him.

This too. There wasn’t a lot in the room that caught my eye, but this guy’s stuff drew me in. I picked up a card, and will post a link here soon.

Stepping outside, I took this mostly because I liked how the guy was framed.

Absolutely loved this piece. It makes me think of some fantastical future socialist robot uprising.

Dug these too, some great colors.

At another gallery, towards the end of the evening. By the time we started making the rounds, the show was winding down for the day (6-10PM, but ran all weekend).

Upstairs, of course the thing that catches my eye the most are the chess sets.

Wood set, with some neat abstracted figures.

While I liked these, Justin and I were remarking how our friend Kent’s chess set by and large kicked the asses of anything here.

Sadly, I don’t have a photo of that set anywhere, and the closest I could come was a few shots from way back in 2002.

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