Dave Fischoff, Jens Lekman: Logan Square Auditorium, Chicago

Entryway, Logan Square Auditorium.

And it’s a Sold Out show!

Inside, waiting in line… I spotted this totally bullshit legal posting from Pitchfork. I recognize that there are some steps they need to take to legally “film” in a public place and all… but my god, how about something just a little friendlier?

I mean seriously. Your intentions may be good and all, but language like “all markets and media now known or hereafter devised or discovered throughout the world” just makes you… you know. Sound like a dick.

I’ve always been curious if something like this is legal. Because it just seems so ridiculous. Oftentimes at work I’ll tack on the phrase “Silence means yes,” just for laughs. Example: Hey, how about you give me your sandwich? Silence means yes.” But just because I do that, doesn’t make it freaking legally binding. Yeesh.

Dave, having a laugh during the opening songs.

Big, big crowd tonight. Lots of folks in attendence, and this may arguably be the biggest venue that Dave’s done. I’m a fan of the Logan Square Auditorium, despite how iffy the sound is (it’s a giant box, after all).

But you know what? Even though Liz and I were standing near the front by the speaker… the sound was good. Really good. In fact, Justin and I were talking about how good the sound quality was later (and he was in a different location).

Dave and Whitney. Liz and I were talking about how cool it was to see someone we know, up on stage playing to a crowd like that. I remember seeing Dave play basement shows, when we were all in college together, ages ago. And tonight, seeing him on stage, in front of so many people – and sounding so good… it was awesome. Just a really, really good feeling.

After I decided to roam the crowd with camera in hand, I ended here. And took another quick shot of Dave on stage. Around this spot, I ran into Rob and his friends Jake and Kay. Earlier in the night, I ran into Genie, Nicole and Brandon. It was really cool to see so many folks, so many friends of friends all gathering together to see Dave.

Random aside: I met Jake ages ago. First it was at a gallery show in 2002. And then later, we met again at Justin and Dave’s Divorce Part. I don’t know Jake very well, but I recall his work fondly (even after all these years), and know Rob thinks highly of him.

Jens Lekman, taking the stage.

At this specific spot, I seem to have a knack for taking photos of girls with accordians.

Lots of string instruments tonight.

During the last handful of songs, Liz and I made our way up to the balcony area. Dave sent me a text message, and let us know that they were all upstairs.

This shot was taking from the balcony area, looking down. I think I caught someone else’s camera flash right when it went off. I kinda dig the result.

A view of the crowd – pretty huge turnout for tonight’s show.

A brief glance over to the side of the balcony. I’m not sure if this was reserved seating, or if these folks just got here early and camped out. Truth be told, it was way less crowded than I thought up here… and a great view of the stage.

Little did I know there was a small backroom area, where other folks were hanging out. We snuck in, and got to sit down (which felt GREAT, btw) after being on our feet for a good while. On top of that, there was a ton of beer on ice… so we just hung out and talked a bit, away from the crowd.

After the show closed down, folks went out to get a bit more beer… and we reconvened at our apartment. I didn’t end up lasting too long after that, and hit the sack around 1:30 AM or so. I’m not sure how long everyone else stayed – which was unfortunate, because I would have loved to have talked more. But I was so tired, I was fal
ling asleep on my feet.

A full evening, by all counts. Lots of friends, lots of good music. A pretty great day all around.

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