Limo Ride

A bunch of us showed up early to work, so that we could take a limo out to the suburbs. Why a limo? Well, we had a bunch of people to transport… and this is what was offered up as transportation for us.

Where were we going? Well, unfortunately that part of things is covered by a NDA – so I can’t post any pics or videos from the second half of the trip. So this is going to be a somewhat confusing post, as there’s little to no context. Other than… the limo.

Ben, Jane and TJ, serving up breakfast.

Masha, admiring her mimosa.

Munchkins and champagne. This is how we roll.

Chris, on the phone with Allison… who encountered a horrible series of events that led to her late arrival, and to her missing the limo ride. We did hold out as long as we could, and even asked the driver to circle the block once, in the hopes that we’d see her at the last minute. But sadly, we had to make the trek without her.

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