Making Apple Pies, Frankfort, IL

Went down to Frankfort today with Liz, to hang out with her family. Well, more specifically… I went down to hang out with her family, and Liz went to spend all afternoon making apple pies with her mom and her sister.

There were various “stations” set up in the kitchen. Here, Liz is working on the filling.

Liz, her sister Katie, her mom, and Bob (cooking up burgers, out back).

Random aside: this probably means nothing for folks outside of the radio industry, but Liz’s folks happened to be filling out Arbitron surveys. I’ve always heard of these, but have never actually seen a survey (and one in the wild, no less).

While I wasn’t a total bum (me, Dan, Bob and Cameron took down the scaffolding around the front porch), it was nothing compared to what the ladies did with their day. All told, I think the final count was 15 (fifteen!) pies they made. Whew! Just looking at these makes me tired hungry.

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