Dinner with Gretchen

My friend Gretchen was in Chicago this week, and the two of us met up for dinner and drinks at Lula Cafe. It’s been over a year or so since we met up (the last time was for my birthday party), so it was really good seeing her again.

The two of us talked, and got caught up some. We had a pretty great evening, over some great food (they were serving this fettucine alfredo with roasted duck that was pretty out of this world).

A quick peek at the desert for the evening. I forget what Gretchen had, but I ended up getting bread pudding with an espresso.

As a side note: I’m getting old. Two martinis, and the next morning… I’m still woozy. Yeesh.

Gretchen had plans to go back to Continental Cafe on Friday. Sadly, I wasn’t able to join. But man, I’m curious to go back there now – how the place may have changed, if the owner is still there. I still can’t believe, looking back, that we spent eight hours in that place.

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