First Snow, Chicago

While Liz and I were out today, we got caught in an afternoon snowstorm. I’m not sure if this was the first snowfall or not (I think there may have been one in Chicago while we were in Texas).

It was the first one I’ve seen, at any rate. And given my recent project, it seemed fitting to take a few pics.

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  1. Nice pic of you, Felix, all snow fleckled and drifting.Footprints reminds me of Larkin:

    Morning At Last: There In The SnowMorning at last: there in the snowYour small blunt footprints come and go.Night has left no more to show,Not the candle, the half-drunk wine,Or touching joy; only this signOf your life walking into mine.But when they vanish with the rainWhat morning woke to will remainWhether as happiness or pain.

    Jesseca Reply

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