Christmas Eve with Grandma Phoebe

My grandma, with two of her great-grandkids.

My uncle Benny, holding “Macho” on his lap.

Family portrait – L to R it’s my Uncle Benny, Macho, Jasmine, Auntie Vicky, Grandma Phoebe, my Mom, Jahnu, and my Dad.

After the photos, Shane and Stacey went home with the kids. Aunty Vicky, grandma, Mom, Dad and I all got into a car and headed to St. John’s – a church on the south side of Indianapolis. It’s close to where my grandma’s house used to be (where my Dad and Aunt Vicky grew up), and it’s become sort of an annual tradition for us all to accompany my grandma, and attend the Candlelight Service together.

My grandma, in front of the Christmas tree.

This too, has also become a sort of tradition (although I don’t know why). After the service, we all stand in front of the tree and pose for pictures. This year, I decided… what the hey, and grabbed one of just my grandma. I figured, I may as well post it on here since, you know… that’s sort of my tradition.

Merry Christmas, everybody!

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